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The Centre for Innovative Medical Research Pty Ltd (CIMR) was established to accelerate national and international collaboration for ideation, research, development, and commercialization of medical scientific breakthroughs for the benefit of humankind.

While science and technology have never been more innovative and successful, there are still numerous key medical and environmental health problems that remain unsolved.

​Impediments to solving these problems arise from:


  • Highly bureaucratic and lengthy research funding processes

  • Difficulty funding truly creative ideas outside of the accepted scientific dogma

  • Outdated ‘fear of failure’ culture

  • Divide between academia and industry

  • Pressure for young scientists to compete for few tenured positions - leading to research solely geared to publishing numerous papers

  • Long ‘time to market’ process that can often lead to the loss of golden opportunities

  • Current academic reward system penalizes industry collaboration, with the focus solely being on publications and citations.

  • Limited support of researchers by many Australian universities which are reducing opportunities for translation and increasing researchers’ teaching loads

CIMR was founded to address many of these challenges via:

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