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CIMR has partnered with Celestino Pty Ltd to change the way Australia does science.

Celestino is an Australian owned family business and member of the Baiada Group which is renowned for iconic brands, such as Steggles and Lilydale Chickens, founded in 1916.


Since 2009, Celestino has been working on the master-planning, visioning and rezoning of key development projects including the multibillion-dollar Sydney Science Park greenfield development located 3 km’s north of the planned Western Sydney Airport.


Celestino and CIMR recognise the opportunity to provide world leading medical & health translational programs and facilities to meet the needs of a growing population and economic activity that will be catalysed by the planned Western Sydney Airport and the surrounding Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Therefore, to facilitate the CIMR objectives and the vision of Celestino, CIMR has joined forces with Celestino to create an internationally recognised epicentre for research and development at the Sydney Science Park. Watch this space as our SSP project develops over the coming months.


CIMR is not only committed to new ideas and education, but also to establishing environments in which healthcare research and commercialisation can flourish.

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