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In order to address complex unsolved healthcare problems, we need new ideas that are borne from a highly creative, out of the box approach that challenges existing dogmas.


The CIMR Think Tank provides a forum for scientists (both young investigators and well-established senior researchers) and other professionals from a variety of disciplines to ideate in new ways by:


  • Identifying a suitable issue

  • Convening a roundtable of carefully chosen experts

  • Organizing brainstorming sessions

  • Collating ideas into a project plan

  • Coordinating the implementation of the workplans


To find out more, or if you have a problem or project that you feel would benefit from our Think Tank, please contact us.


The COVID-19 project was initiated by Professor Michael Wallach from innovative research he carried out in 2011 relating to H5N1 avian flu.


When COVID-19 broke out in December 2019, Professor Wallach commenced collaborating with a group of international scientists, institutions, organizations, governments and individuals to develop a COVID-19 prophylactic based on the production of COVID-19 IgY antibodies in the egg yolk of hens that were immunized with antigen.


The resultant egg powder-derived product can be used as the basis for a COVID-19 prophylaxis to be delivered via nasal drops or orally as a lozenge/tablet several times a day for anyone that may come into contact with the virus.


His product prevents the COVID-19 virus from attaching to one’s cells or, at least, severely lessening the potential impact of the virus load. Currently being commercialized, the product is to be used alongside other preventative measures, such as face masks, hand sanitization, physical distancing, vaccinations/boosters, and the like.


As has been seen, even though COVID-19 vaccines are now available, many people have yet to be vaccinated, or new COVID-19 variants are circumventing the vaccines. The product has demonstrated efficacy against all COVID-19 strains and will likely be effective against future coronaviruses.

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