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COVID-19 Passive Vaccine

The COVID-19 project evolved from a group of international scientists, institutions, organizations, governments and individuals collaboratively working together to develop a passive COVID-19 vaccine based on the production of COVID-19 IgY antibodies in the egg yolk of hens. 


The resultant egg powder-derived product can be used as the basis for a COVID-19 prophylaxis to be delivered via nasal drops or orally as a lozenge several times a day for anyone that may come into contact with the virus.


The objective is to use the nasal drop or lozenge to hold the line and ‘flatten the curve’ until an active vaccine is developed. It will provide an additional layer of protection against contracting the virus along side physical distancing and mask wearing for the general public, but will be of significant benefit of those individuals that are at higher risk: frontline health workers, the elderly and aged care workers to name a few.

The lozenge is currently undergoing manufacturing and is estimated to be available early 2021. The nasal drops recently entered Phase I clinical trials in Perth by Linear Clinical Research.


The project is led by Professor Michael Wallach, Director of SPARK Oceania and academic at University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. The project is a collaborative effort together with Stanford University.


Read more about the nasal drops here.

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